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New Double take-up

NEW! Double take-up for spools

The spools are holded by two pneumatic tailstocks.

The traversing of the wires on the spools takes place by moving the two take-ups and keeping the two wires in winding stopped by means of a pulley.

The traversing of the wires is controlled by a brushless motor in an electrical axis with the winding motor in order to have an optimal deposition.

The software guarantees that at each revolution of the coil the same translates the measurement in mm set in the traversing pictch in the HMI.

In the touch screen it is possiible to set the traversing pitch and the limits of the spools.

The last pulley before the spool can be moved manually by the operator in order to get as close as possible to the spool itself to have a better distribution of the wires.

The electrical panel, complete with PLC and motor drives, is mounted on the machine.

The safety guard, complete with electromechanical safety switch, can be opened by the operator only when the machine is stopped and is sliding on both sides, limiting as much as possible the exit from the machine's overall dimensions.

The lenght meter counter is made with a pulley and an encoder.