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Goodbye Alfredo Longoni

From Noi Brugherio dated 4 February 2023

Alfredo Longoni died on Tuesday 31 January. Leave the wifeArmanda, her sons Lorenzo, Giorgio and Alberto, her daughters-in-law, her beloved grandchildren. 

We interviewed him a few years ago and he told us his successful entrepreneurial story at Altec in via Santa Margherita. In fact, Alfredo Longoni worked as a design manager for Pirelli cables. Retired in 1994, he still received small requests for machinery modifications from his former colleagues. So after a few months he thought of getting back to work, with his children, initially in a room at home. He hired people from his town who remained unemployed, he said, "thinking that then the job would come". Today Altec is a reality recognized throughout the world and is the protagonist of the trade fairs of the sector. It combines the creative and design part of precision mechanics by creating special machinery for the production of electric cables.

Everyone in Brugherio remember him above all for his commitment to volunteering, for his commitment to the San Giuseppe oratory. «Every corner of the oratory speaks of him- comments Don Mario Longo, priest in Brugherio from 1979 to1993 -. The priest added about Alfredo some important descriptions about his life and genrousity. «He was smart. He had an intelligence out of the ordinary, but he was able not to make anyone weigh him being "more than anyone else". He was a great man who knew how not to intimidate ». And then, he «he had great generosity. He was always available, I called him at any timeand he always gave himself completely, body and mind without making it weigh on him ». «He wasn't someone who just talked, but he did too. He knew how to organize things very well. And the best thing he has done is not his successful factory, but his beautiful family. Together with his wife Armanda he did a wonderful job: now his family will have to get used to a different presence of Alfredo among them ». Looking back on the 1980s, Don Mario states that «there is no particular episode that reminds me of Alfredo, because he is in everyone. Like the time the wind blew away the camping tents. And who could I call? The Alfredo, who organized a dad team who rose to resolve the situation. Each piece of the oratorio has a little bit of him inside». Or «the little pedal cars. They were a great thing in those years. I had talked about them to Alfredo and he studied them, he reasoned about them, he had them created. As always, to the delight of the boys. Well, I think it would be nice to organize a toy car Grand Prix in the oratory dedicated to him, in memory of all that Alfredo Longoni did for the boys from Brugherio».

Filippo Magni