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Tangential taping Electronic brake

Tangential taping machine with electromagnetic brake, with 2 or 4 pads

The tangential taping machine with electromagnetic brake is a good system to tape big  cables and flat cables.

The number of pads for each taping head can be two or four.

The taping machine can be used on stranding lines, insulation lines, screening or armouring lines or rewinding lines.

According the cable size and type is possible to choose different pay-off, take-up and pulling unit.

The rotation speed of the taping head is made by an AC motor installed on the main frame of the machine and the transmission is made with toothed pulleys and belt.

The tangential taping machines are made with different option according the number of tapes, the outer diameter and the hole of the pads, the type of the tape and the tension braking control of the tape.

The machine can be used with the following materials: paper, polyester, Alluminium/Mylar, cotton, mica-glass and eavier material such as steel and copper up to thickness 0,2mm

The tension braking control of the tape can be: Manual with dancer and spring, the operator can adjust the tension only when the machine is stopped. The dancer will compensate the diameter changing

The tension braking control of the tape is electronic with electromagnetic brake, the operator can  adjust the tension from HMI also when the machine is running, the calculation of the diameter will adjust the    tension of the brake to have always the same pulling on the tape

Campo Valore
Number of pads 2 / 4
Pads outer diameter 500mm
Pads hole diameter 76mm / 127mm
Max tape width 60mm
Streingth control on tape Electronic with electromagnetic brake
Tape material Paper / Polyester / Alluminium/Mylar / Cotton / Mica-Glass / Steel and Copper up to 0,2mm
Max speed 600rpm