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Extruder for fluoropolymer

Extruder engineered to work at higher temperature and with fluoropolymer materials such as FEP and PFA

Altec produces insulation and sheathing lines for electrical cables according the production requests of the customer.

The customer can personalize the line choosing from a wide selection of machine produced by Altec: pay-off, take-up, belt and capstan haul-off, cooling trough with single or multiple  passage, drying systems.

In addition at the Altec machines it is possible to manage from the line HMI different accessories to control the quality of the cable, such as diameter and concentric gauge and spark-tester.

All the machines and accessories integrated in the line are managed by a PLC and AC motors. The set-up of the machines is made by a touch-screen HMI installed near the cross-head.

The extruders for fluoropolymer materials, such as FEP and PFA, are engineered to work at higher temperature and made with special material to avoid the corrosion of the gases produced during the extrusion of the fluoropolymers.