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Rotating pay-off d.1600 without foundation hole

Rotating pay-off d.1600 open fork, with loading system integrated without foundation hole for the elevator

The structure and the fork of the rotating pay-off is built with hardened and stabilized in oven steel milled sheet, in order to obtain a sturdy and steady structure.

The drums are hold by two motorized pintles with the diameter according the drums of the customer.

Both the pintles are motorized in order to close the bobbin always in the middle position of the fork and to have a better balancing of the machine when running.

An electromechanical safety device stops the line if the pintles are not closed.

The motor to rotate the fork is installed on the structure of the machine, the rotation speed is transmitted by tooth pulleys and belt.

Also the pay-off motor is installed on the structure of the machine and the transmission is made by tooth belt, pulleys and transmission shaft. With this system we avoid to install a big motor inside the fork, reducing the number of the brushes and the dimension of the slip ring.

The pay-off motor is controlled in torque or in speed with the use of an optional rotating dancer.

With the machine is supplied a column type elevator with electrical motors control and encoder to stop the elevator to the right position to load the different drums on the take-up. With this system we need only a hole of 60mm depth for the platform.