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Rotating pulling unit

Rotating pulling unit with belts, motors on the support on the ground

The rotation speed is synchronous with the speed of the drum twister and it is controlled by an AC motor installed on the base of the machine.
A second AC motor is used to pull the cable and the encoder installed on the motor is used to calculate the line speed and to count the produced cable.
Both the motors are installed on the fix part of the machine and the transmission is made by tooth belt, pulleys and transmission shaft. With this system we avoid to install a big motor inside the rotating part, reducing the number of the brushes and the dimension of the slip ring.
The traction is operated by two driven belts, disposed longitudinally along the cable axis. The two belts turn on carrying groups of sliding position and forced by pneumatically operated regulation cylinders to adhere to the interposed cable. 
Belts are in polyamide reinforced with high performance strands.
To set the pressure of the cylinder there is a page on the HMI that control the proportional valves installed in the rotating part.

Campo Valore
Pulling force 1500KG
Number of pressure 2x4
Gripping length 980mm
Belt width 120mm