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Bow skip strander d.800

Bow skip strander for steel, ACS e AL alloy

  • Bow skip strander made by individual cradle, each cradle support the drum.

  • Stranding pitch controlled and set from the operator panel.

  • Stranding direction (S or Z) set from the operator panel.

  • Safety and soundproof cabinet with led lights and fans.

  • Sliding doors, loading of the drums from the top.

  • The drum is supported by pintles, the opening is with air pressure, the closing is with springs.

  • Each cradle has two supports under the pintles to make easy the loading and unloading of the drums.

  • Each cradle has a double bows

  • The pull on the cable is made with a mechanical brake. The constant pull is made with a feeler that adjust the tension of the brake when the drum is getting empty. The starting tension of the brake is set when the machine is stopped. Option pneumatic brake or driven brake by motor.

Campo Valore
Number of cradle from 2 to 6
Spools diameter DIN 800
Spool Max weight 1000kg
Max rotation speed 1000rpm
Max line speed 120m/min
Production range (steel) d.1,00-4,00mm - 1700/2000N/mm2
Production range (ACS) d.1,5-4,0mm - 1400N/mm2
Production range (alluminium alloy) d.1,5-3,8 - serie 6101