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Single twist M1000-AS

Single twist buncher machine with shaft for drums d.1000

The single twist stranding machine is a versatile and high quality cable production, indispensable for a production factory of special cables.

The single twist stranding machine is used to strand or laying up flexible concentric insulated cables or with tapes.

With rotating pay-offs it is possible to strand ultra flexible cables that can be used in many applications, such as robotics and mobile installation.

The single twist strander is also used for screening and armouring with steel or copper wires.

Altec produces two different kind of single twist strander:

With overhanging shaft for bobbins form d.630 up to d.1250mm (AS)

With support by tailstock for bobbins from d.800 up to d.2000mm (CP)

In the CP version the bobbin support is with two tailstocks.

The cable is distributed on the bobbin by a traversing group assembled on the bow.

The traversing motor is installed on the main frame of the machine and the traversing movement is transmitted by a steel rope. Thus it is not necessary the installation of an electric slip ring.

The speed, the stranding pitch, the traversing pitch and the bobbin limits are set by HMI installed near the machine.

The machine doesn't need any dedicated foundation and hole for the elevator.