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The right choice for your cable


The right choice for your cable..

The right choice for your cable..

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Altec is present on the global market for electrical cables with different machines and production lines. The experience of our technicians give us the opportunity to offer innovative and efficent solutions for the following categories of product


Machines and lines for the stranding, bunching and laying up of conductors and insulated cables


Machines and complete lines apply tapes of different materials on conductors and insulated cables


Complete lines to apply insulation or sheat on conductors and stranded cables


Machines and complete lines to unwind, take-up and pack the electrical cables


Single Twist M1250-CP

Single Twist bunching machine with tailstock for drms d.1250

Double twist capstan d.1000

Double twist bunching machine single bow, fully motorized

Sheating line | Thermoplastic

Extrusion line for sheating in thermoplastic materials

Horizontal taping machine

Horizontal taping line with high speed for spools and pads

Double cantilever take-up

Double take-up with the possibility of automatic cutting and pulling unit

Backtwist pay-off

The right choice to strand or lay-up flexible cables combinated with a single twist

Planetary strander d.630

The classic machine to strand wires without any backtwist, drums d.630mm

Sliding arms stands

Sliding arms stand for drums with bigger dimensions and heavy load

Drum Twister d.1600

Rotating take-up drum twister for drums d.1600