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Backtwist pay-off

The right choice to strand or lay-up flexible cables combinated with a single twist

The backtwist pay-offs are used instead of the rotating pay-offs in the single twist stranding lines to strand or laying up flexible concentric insulated cables that  can  be  used  in  different  application such as robotics and mobile installation.

The advantages against the rotating pay-offs are the higher rotation speed and the accurate control of the tension on the unwinding wires.

Each bobbin, supported by a couple of pintles, rotates on its axis  thanks an AC motor controlled by a dancer.

The loading cell, installed on one of the pulleys, check and keep constant the strength on the wire.

To give the backtwist to the wire there is a motorized bow that rotates around the bobbin at the same speed of the single twist buncher or with the ratio set on the HMI.

The backtwist pay-off can be supplied single or in module of two or four unit for each machine; in all the cases there is only one motor to rotate the bows.

The strength on the wire is set also on the HMI in Newton.