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Double twist capstan d.1000

Double twist bunching machine single bow, fully motorized

The double twist bunching machine is made to bunch copper wires and to strand insulated wires.

The machine with the direct pull is suitable for insulated cables.

During the stranding of the wires it is possible to apply a longitudinal tape.

The main characteristics of the Altec double twist are:

Energy save thanks to the single bow made in carbon fiber and aerodynamic profile and high performance motor

Bunching pitch set by HMI

Traversing pitch and bobbin limits set by HMI

Bow with pulleys

The single bow with aerodynamic profile, made in carbon fiber, and the perfect balancing of the rotors reduce the installed power of the main motor saving the electrical power consumption and halving the axial pull on the rotor’s bearings.

The stranding pitch is set from the HMI and the electrical axis between the main motor and the bobbin motor, takes it constant during the production of the bunched wires.

The traversing pitch and the limits of the bobbin are set also from the HMI and can be modified during the machine running.