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Drum Twister d.1600

Rotating take-up drum twister for drums d.1600

The rotating take-up “drum twister” can be used for the following jobs in the cable production:

Stranding/Lining up of insulated cables

Stranding of copper or alluminium cable

Stranding/Lining up of sector shape cables

Screening with copper or alluminium wires

Armouring with steel wires

Altec produces drum twister in three different models:

Overhanging fork

Fork with support rolls

Integrated rotating caterpillar with support rolls

In all the model both the pintles are motorized to hold the take-up bobbin always in the middle position of the fork and to balance the machine during the running.

To load and unload the bobbin there is a hydraulic platform under the ground level or, in option, an integrated platform without fondation.

The Maximum rotating and linear speed, the Maximum pulling force on the cable are calculated each time with the request of the customer and according the production he has to do.