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Planetary strander d.630

This classic machine to strand wires without any backtwist, drums d.630mm

This is the classic and ideal machine to strand wires without any backtwist, and therefore to avoid any stresses on them, thus maintaining in full their original characteristics and performances.

Originally designed for the production of OPGW cables, has proven to be ideal for fiber optics cables, steel armored cables, insulated telecommunication copper wires, bare copper conductors reunited in power transmission cables.

The conception of the machine is fully original and dictated by the will of simplify the construction, reduce drastically the possibility of failures and therefore the maintenance necessities, with a  trouble free and long working life.

Each rank with the cradles is contained between a couple of disks directly  supported by a  tough  central shaft,  carried by two  supports through two over dimensioned taper roller bearings. 

A weariless rotation is so obtained, thus avoiding any necessities of external  supports rolls.

All the cinematic  relations  of  the  machine are obtained by means of toothed belts, so obtaining a very silent, effective and trouble free operation.

Each cradle can be supplied with different brake system for the bobbins: motor to control the rotation of the reel and a dancer: manual or pneumatic disk brake.

The cradles can be made to load spools from d.250 up to drums d.1250 and according the dimensions and the number of cables to be stranded we manage the number of cradle inside a rank, usually from 3 up to 18 cradles.

Each stranding cage is motorized with an AC motor controlled by inverter and so it is possible to work with different stranding pitch or in tandem to obtain a bigger number of  conductors for one  layer.